Best PC Cleaner Software
  • Windows Personal computers typically slow down as applications are set up and used. If you are using a word processor, writing a spread sheet, browsing on the world wide web, watching video or anything else, hard drives fill with temporary information which do not always cleaned up and removed when no longer needed. Hard drives can succumb to this wear over time, this article will tell you the best ways to fix that.
    Your laptop or computer is analogous in many ways to your own car. Both were at maximum performance and in excellent condition when they were new. They were new and exciting, rapidly and powerful, thus full of potential. The value of your own car decreases the moment you drive it off the lot. Equally, the value of a pc decreases the moment we get it out of the box. Time and use would be the imageprimary foes.
    Even so, because your car has 300,000 miles on it does not imply you should purchase a new one, and the same applies to your hard drive: Routine maintenance can extend the life of this desktop. For example, registry errors, unnecessary software, duplicate files, malware, temporary files, bloatware and fragmented drives cause the computer to operate below its capabilities. That's where How to speed up your computer comes into the equation: Running these kinds of applications is like taking the car to the mechanic for an oil change and a tuneup.
    Scan & Clean
    Registry Cleaner: Scan, check and fix the errors in Windows Registry, and effectively get rid of the problems such as system halted, slow-downs, blue screens, program crashes and etc .. The os will improve your speed and more steadily.
    Evidence Cleaner: Thoroughly get rid of the data and records of on-line chatting, browsing the web pages, mailing, and operating programs, etc. It will make the computer to work more fluid and efficiently.
    Junk File Cleaner: Cleaning all unusable system files and junk files, and effectively save the hdd space and increase the speed of the pc.
    File Shredder: Shred files and makes them will never be recovered. Power delete all those files that can't be typically recycled.
    Optimize PC
    Startup Manager: Accelerate the startup by managing the startup items and barring unnecessary system programs.
    Uninstall Manager: Conveniently manage the installed programs, and force delete those that can't be ordinarily uninstalled.
    Service Optimizer: Optimize the Windows background services to upgrade the executive efficiency.
    Memory Optimizer: Release and cleaning the system memories.
    Network Optimizer: Optimize the network options to speed up it and make the performance more excellent.
    Other Functions
    Restore and backup the registry information manually or automatically, and the users may easily recover backups of exact time.
    Recover and backup the IE and Favorites, and users may restore or reinstall the IE when serious errors occur.
    Manage the performance of BHO and IE, and clear those not necessary items.