PC Cleaner 2016
  • Everyone knows that changes that occur over time for your Home windows system registry can slow your hard drive system to a maddening crawl. Many people also know that making changes to the registries, the main data source of the operating system's configuration, ought to be kept firmly to professional owners. Eliminating the improper computer registry entry can have untold effects, such as rendering the pc deceased.
    The most common the signs of a slow laptop or computer embody increased time period for Home pc startup and shutdown, slower software launching or whole hard drive stops, more slowly result times (that may be recognized by users of text editors, where wrote text letters could appear on the screen with a quick postponement), application crashes which need program restarts or laptop reboots. In the case of slow net connection speed, a computer owner may notice not so quick web browsing, lower file download or upload speeds, poor quality of web calls, delays in message delivery when working with chat computer programs and a variety of different slowness symptoms.
    Clean Your Computer the simplest way with Clean Your PC software
    If you want to clean up your computer the simplest way, this software is an excellent tool to get the job done very easily, and it will even keep your laptop or computer clean immediately.
    Different from its competition, it also consists of great software just like a Clean Uninstaller, to get rid of applications and clean up the junk that they leave behind. With the click of a button.
    Scan & Clean
    Registry Cleaner: Scan, check and rectify the errors in Windows Registry, and effectively solve the problems for example system halted, slow-downs, blue screens, program crashes etc. The os will run faster and better steadily.
    Evidence Cleaner: Completely get rid of the data and records of on-line chatting, browsing the web pages, mailing, and running applications, etc. It'll make the pc to work more fluid and efficiently.
    Junk File Cleaner: imageClean up all unusable system files and junk files, and correctly save the drive space and increase the speed of your personal computer.
    File Shredder: Shred files and makes them can never be recovered. Power delete all those files that can't be generally recycled.
    Optimize PC
    Startup Manager: increase the startup by handling the startup items and prohibiting unnecessary system programs.
    Uninstall Manager: Conveniently manage the installed applications, and force delete the ones that cannot be commonly uninstalled.
    Service Optimizer: Optimize the Windows background services to upgrade the executive efficiency.
    Memory Optimizer: Release and cleaning the system memories.
    Network Optimizer: Optimize the network configurations to speed up it and make the performance more outstanding.
    Other Functions
    Backup and restore the registry information manually or automatically, and the users may effortlessly recover backups of exact time.
    Backup and recover the IE and Favorites, and users may restore or reinstall the IE when serious errors occur.
    Manage the performance of BHO and IE, and clear those unnecessary items.