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  • Ublic sufferers "it could potentially have halved the Us within the long term since animals extra normally discovered meals public waiting list."Doug Payne Dublin15-25-35-45-55-65->All (>15)Age groupSuicide rate in young males in Scotland is twice that in England and Wales83, 170,BMA attacks GMC's revalidation proposalsUK physicians perform 21 hours per week greater than contracted347, 129,Action is to be taken in Scotland in an attempt to halt an alarming rise in suicides amongst males, which have enhanced by more than 70 previously 30 years. s13415-015-0346-7 More than half in the 600 suicides in Scotland each year now s00221-011-2677-0 take place in men beneath 44, and rates are twice as higher as those in England and Wales. Greater levels of poverty and unemployment in Scotland are deemed to be significant elements behind the raise. Suicide prices among women in Scotland have fallen slightly because the 1970s and are now three times reduced than prices among males. However, the proportion of girls below 44 who kill themselves just about every year in Scotland is twice that in England and Wales. The Scottish health department has published a consultative report that sets out a series of proposals on how the problem could be tackled.Bryan Christie EdinburghConsultant physicians in the NHS are working an typical of 21 hours every week more than they are contracted to, a survey published final week has shown. Consultants taking element inside the survey reported that they worked an average of an more six sessions (notional half days of three.five hours) each week more than contracted. On average, consultants spent just more than 11 hours normally medicine each week and 24 hours in their primary specialty. Additionally, 11 of consultants worked greater than 8.6 hours within a further specialty. Physicians in acute specialties spent about 23 hours each week in generic basic duties. This totalled 58 hours every week for consultants not taking an added specialty and nearlyFramework for the Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm is often identified at www.show.scot.nhs.ukhours for all those who did. Alan Maynard, professor of well being economics at the University of York, pointed out the possible pitfalls of this type of study: "One-off, self reported studies are intriguing, but there's the prospective dilemma of self reporting bias." He said that there was likely to be massive variation in consultants' workloads. "Some could possibly be carrying out much more, even though other individuals may very well be doing a whole lot significantly less."Susan Mayor LondonAdmissions of private individuals to public hospitals in Ireland increaseThe survey is accessible in the Medical Workforce Unit of the Royal College of Physicians of London (tel 020 7953 1174, ext 242 or 475).Despite the fact that 20 of beds in public hospitals in Ireland are allocated to private patients, insured individuals are taking up as significantly as 30 in the space, it was revealed final week. Ireland's Economic and Social Analysis Institute says that consequently 14 000 non-emergency private sufferers got beds final year that ought to have gone to persons on public waiting lists. The situation was describedThe BMA council has threatened to draw up its own proposals for revalidation and take them for the government, if an agreement with the Common Health-related Council, the body that regulates the health-related profession in the Uk, just isn't reached shortly.