of the floor life, the use of self-leveling cement
  • brush on the cement floor cold oil again, laying wooden keel, the last nail the floor Another way to shop on the keel first layer of blockboard, or wool floor, and then nailed the floor, using This method, the floor force evenly, solid structure. Second, the composite floor of the grassroots two practices for a leveling layer, and then laying PVC cushion, after the laying of composite flooring; another in the cement

    leveling layer, laying wood keel and wool floor, two pavement composite floor. Construction of flexible floor materials 1, the floor construction conditions must meet the national construction of ground construction quality acceptance norms "GB50209-2002" on the surface of the cement base of the "should be flat, hard, dry, dense, clean and no grease and other Impurities, not Ma Ma, from the sand,

    cracks and other defects "conditions, before the material laying work. 2, the construction conditions: PVC before the laying of materials and finished within 48 hours after the construction site must be kept clean, closed, weather and maintain a constant temperature. In addition, the degree of ground drying on the construction of PVC floor is also essential. (2) the detection of moisture content on the ground, the

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