remove the paint, grease, chemical solvents
  • the interface treatment agent manufacturer's instructions). Fourth, self-leveling construction 1, grass-roots flatness with 2 meters by foot test, the gap should not be greater than 2mm. Therefore, the pursuit of high safety level and lasting reliability of the floor life, the use of self-leveling cement leveling in the floor installation system is an essential part of the self-leveling has the following effects: 1) to avoid the field of

    mixed cement mortar strength and Shrink the crack; 2) shorten the duration and labor intensity, to break the artificial leveling leveling layer of flatness limitations, to ensure that no obvious seams on the floor; 3) with the grass-roots closely integrated to ensure that the required surface of the bonded surface of a uniform surface; ) To improve the ability of the entire ground system to carry and resist motion shear. 2, the construction guide: self-leveling construction shall be completely dry primer, uniform no liquid, primer must be completely absorbed by the grassroots. Construction will be a pack of self-leveling cement in

    accordance with the provisions of the proportion of water into the water filled with the mixing bucket, while pouring side stirring. To ensure uniform self-leveling, use high-power, low-speed electric drill with a special mixer for mixing, stirring until the agglomerate homogeneous slurry, put it for about 3 minutes, and then stir briefly, add water should be strict According to the water-cement ratio. Too little water will

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