then nailed the floor, using This method, the floor
  • content is to share with you the solid wood furniture to buy six rules of gold, hope to buy your solid wood furniture to help, for more solid wood furniture to buy knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Summer high temperature hot, sometimes heavy rain, sometimes fine, the water in the water sometimes dry, sometimes wet, then, home wood flooring, wooden

    door maintenance need special attention. The following for everyone in detail the summer doors of the maintenance coup and buy skills, to help you do the summer wooden door "heatstroke" work. Summer wooden door maintenance Miao machine wood products, the expansion coefficient of high temperatures will be more obvious when consumers can through the wooden door for some simple

    maintenance, to prevent its "heat stroke." One, do not hang on the door in the heavy items like sharp objects bumps, scratches; open or close the door when not too much impact hit the wooden door. Second, do not use wet hands to open the door lock, or will contain corrosion to the wooden doors and door locks. Do not use excessive force when opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle.

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