Is a Wireless Pet Containment System Effective?
  • The concept behind wireless pet fences is terrific. You can allow your pet to roam around and live in your yard with out a leash or chain and you don't have to place up an expensive and unsightly fence or wall. Nevertheless, how effective is a wireless pet containment system in reality? The following article lists the 3 primary issues pet owners have skilled with these systems as reported through written product reviews. Keep in mind that these opinions are not of the majority and are specifically expressed about specific brands and/or models of hidden pet fences.

    1) Shock too powerful. The collar that your pet wears in conjunction with these systems Is what deters the animal from going previous the electronic boundary. The collar shocks the animal when it crosses the invisible line and via training, your pet should eventually learn not to pass that point. There have been a significant quantity of reports that the shock has been much too strong and in a small quantity of cases, has been strong sufficient to cause injury. All brands allow you to set the severity of the shock based on the size of your pet but there have been reports on certain brands that the settings are not accurate or are not consistent.

    2) Battery issues. All of these systems run off batteries that require to be replaced. There are complaints that the batteries run out very quickly on some brands and replacing them frequently becomes extremely expensive. There have also been reports that replacing the batteries is cumbersome and frustrating.

    3)Durability. There are durability problems with all components of the system with some brands. The collar loses its ability to problem the warnings and/or corrections, the wire or transmitter stops emitting the radio signals, or the transmitter gets fried from water exposure. These reports are not common but are much more typical with some specific brands.

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