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  • balance Now many families have installed air conditioning, indoor air humidity, temperature and outdoor have a lot of differences. Some floors will be cracking, which is due to the loss of moisture in solid wood, indoor and outdoor temperature is too large expansion and contraction rate increases, the inside of the wood as a result of too

    dry and broken, so to maintain a certain solid wood floor moisture , Keep the air inside the humidity. wipe the floor, the preferred light wax floor cleaning in daily life is essential, and when the wood floor stains or need maintenance waxing, do not use alcohol, gasoline and other ingredients of the detergent, or the floor will be Will be

    corroded. The benefits of light wax is thin coating can reduce the dust on the surface, making the wooden floor gloss and plumpness is improved, chemical pollution is relatively small. Under the science and technology of Santa's Elephant Flooring is China's floor industry leader, the past two years the company management team and

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