interior decoration decorates
  • in density beaverboard " , GB 18580-2001 " interior decoration decorates material the formaldehyde in man-made board and its goods releases set limit to " the requirement that waits for a standard, the exterior union strength of product of beaverboard of the density in be opposite, bibulous ply expands rate, formaldehyde releases a

    quantity, inside 5 projects such as combinative strength, static music intensity undertook examining. Selective examination discovery, the 1 batch product of limited company does not accord with industry of He Ze Jinjiang timber the requirement of relative standard, unqualified project is Jing Qujiang to Waterproof Deck Around An Oval Pool spend. India plans to reduce the

    dependence to importing timber Indian premier is expanding industrial lumber of home is produced actively, aim to increase the income of the farmer, Eco Wood Plastic Composite Balcony Deck Tiles make India does not send such Yang Lai to import timber. For this, the joint efforts that he plans to want to coordinate and branch of forest of each state government and civilian industry