floor cabinet professional stores
  • wood mechanics and so on 14 research directions, and many domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises to maintain a wide range of academic exchanges and technical cooperation. The entire existing staff of 132 people, including 23 PhD, has advanced equipment worth over 100 million yuan.

    in the past five years, the Institute received a total of 26 scientific and technological achievements, with 28 patented technologies. Nanjing's largest floor cabinet professional stores opened on June 16. Located at No.40, Jiangdong Road, Nanjing, Jinsheng International Home.

    Jiangdongmen Square (formerly Jinsheng Decoration City) is one of the leading enterprises in the city's home building materials industry and also Nanjing citizens to buy home goods preferred place. With the increasing demand for decorative products, especially the floor cupboard industry,

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