be hot wax. Do not rub the furniture with a damp cloth
  • important, is a mahogany furniture maintenance of a customs. To always open the air conditioning wet, reduce the moisture absorption of wood to avoid the deformation of the tenon structure and slit deformation. This season to buy new furniture should not be hot wax. Do not rub the furniture with a damp cloth, and prevent the furniture from touching the surface. Autumn autumn days of high air, but also

    a mahogany furniture maintenance of the best season, maintenance methods and spring is basically the same, hot wax once and often use the "soft grinding" method to wipe the furniture. Winter and winter the most dry, it can be said that mahogany furniture, "Ghost Gate", is the most taboo season, especially now more than live buildings, dry climate is dry room. Do not place the winter in the vicinity of heating,

    avoid the indoor temperature is too high, generally people in the room wearing a sweater feel comfortable is appropriate. Spring, autumn and winter three seasons to keep the indoor air is not dry, it is appropriate to use humidifier wet, indoor fish, flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity. So that indoor humidity maintained at between 25 to 35%. The above content is the home introduced

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