doors are sold as a solid wood door to consumers
  • and then by cutting, planing, open tenon, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes from the scientific processing. Solid wood doors compared to other materials, wooden doors, with natural beauty, environmental protection, noise and many other advantages. 2, solid wood door classification: solid wood doors vs wood doors solid wood doors according to the use of solid wood materials can be divided

    into two kinds of raw materials and materials. The market will use the door of the wood material called the original wooden door, the other solid wood doors called solid wood doors. Wood door refers to the external material and the internal material is completely unified wooden doors, using the same species. The solid wood door from the inside to the outside is the use of wood, but not the same kind of

    wood, the door of the substrate may be fir or pine, the surface is solid wood veneer or veneer. Owners to buy the time, but also note that solid wood doors have this difference. 3, different grades of solid wood doors solid wood doors because of its wood materials, lines, etc. are different and different. Market prices ranging from 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, low-grade pine, fir, etc., mid-range peach core,

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