footmark in the process
  • the carbolic footmark in the process to have apparent effect to reducing a city. Nevertheless, well-known, using a field, lumber walk on plexiglass for decking is having a lot of inadequacy, for instance, lumber is had hygroscopic, be absorbed along with the discretion of the relative humidity of seasonal change and environment or send out moisture, cause lumber to expand

    or contract, and this kind of property makes lumber easy in dry process craze, change the figure with original lumber and measurement wood plastic garden panels standards, affect the use value of lumber. In addition, lumber suffers biology fungus easily still to corrode, reduce lumber to use value. Because anticorrosive lumber estimate cost of composite decking is having Fuzhou,be not worth, undertake

    anticorrosive processing to its so very necessary. As we have learned, through the lumber of anticorrosive processing, use time can achieve pool patio surround ideas 30 years, can be the whole world annual and managing individual plant of 200 million 3 ten million is arboreous. But, current Fuzhou is anticorrosive situation of wooden market occurrence