solid wood floor should also be waxed
  • but also plastic, alloy material. Buttons, also known as the edge of the deduction, closing the edge of the floor for the connection of different spaces at the convergence, such as rooms and living rooms, staircases and facades. Moisturizing floor coup: Wood is naturally rich in water, which is processed from the floor also has a certain

    moisture content, so the floor must pay special attention to moisture. Top ten hot-selling China's top ten wood flooring brand has a good icon, good home, holy cards, etc., daily use in addition to timely clean up the surface of the floor of the Ming water, but also need to pay attention to indoor air humidity, timely ventilation and maintain indoor

    air circulation . In addition, the solid wood floor should also be waxed in time, so as to avoid the invasion of moisture during the rainy season. Floor decontamination coup: Routine cleaning the floor should not use wet mop stick cleaner directly wipe. Non-professional detergent surfactant concentration is higher, after the end of the wet half-

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