Province flooring industry
  • warmth and moved the atmosphere.September 2, with the macro-resistant wood group ultra-solid wood products listed on the press conference in the grand opening of the news building,outdoor wood ceiling planks
    the macro after three years of heavy gold to build the ultra-solid wood flooring in the grand listing of China's wood flooring industry in the second decade Which opened a new page. The theme of the conference is 'to create a new starting point, leading the new decade',[url=]timber decking in ireland[/url] in order to reflect the spirit of innovation and contrast the atmosphere, the organizers do not make a new cut to the East and West elegant music into the entire release process, and different music were

    representative The classic, rustic, modern decorative style of the Royal Wood marks, Nuremberg, villas, forest rhyme, Berry, Andremont series of ultra-solid wood flooring.plastic wood decking kuala lumpur
    Wood flooring experts, testing agencies responsible for consumer representatives for the future development trend of ultra-solid wood and industry status of the wonderful dialogue, has become another highlight of the conference. Experts generally predict that ultra-solid wood flooring not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also attached a high practical value, from saving natural forest resources, [url=]cheap composite timber decking[/url]maintaining ecological effects, etc., is expected in the next few years

    tobecome the traditional solid wood flooring alternatives. Participate in the new conference are the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Beijing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau,plastic wood bulgaria
    China Forest Products Industry Association, the Chinese Consumers Association and other units of the relevant leadership and responsible person. Mr. Wang Wei, president of the company, said that the macro landing in the Chinese market for ten years,[url=]Composite Fence Best Price Nigeria[/url] has always insisted on scientific and technological innovation, and is committed to the world's leading high-tech products and Europe and the most popular 'new room' culture in the first Time